To Love Yourself is to Love Your Soul

Guest blog by  Rachel Madorsky
Author of Create Your Own Destiny! Spiritual Path to Success.

One unique story after another, each told by our friends, has one thing in common - karmic consequences. Most of these stories touch upon families experiencing manifestations of deadly diseases. Using modern technology and acknowledging longer life expectancy, most of these cases can be documented and analyzed. It makes one shiver to think how all of us are interconnected and interlaced with energy fields and affected by the exchange of information; not just on the visible level, but also on the atomic and metaphysical levels.

This exchange of information could help determine your attitude toward disease. It could also help add meaning in your life and assist in making the right choice to live life to its fullest. It is necessary to view each disease as a lesson from which we can learn

From the moment the sick person openly acknowledges the existence of his illness, he has taken a step forward in his fight with the disease. A doctor or healer will be his guiding star to lead him toward recovery. They will provide advice on diet, breathing and physical exercises, imagery and meditation or suggest a change of habits. 

We cannot change the laws of nature, but we are can successfully adapt to them. The main idea is to accept that the cosmic laws are eternal and immobile and that the smallest transgression is returned according to rules of the universe. They are as old as mankind and have served as the primary rules for our existence on earth.

Acquiring the ability to recover is similar to developing the will to pursue self-education. To force oneself to change a habitual way of life, which demands perpetual exertion and daily struggles with one's disease and the spiritual enemy - an inert subconscious adapted over the years according to one's needs - is not an easy task. 

The first step on the road to fostering resistance against disease is the beginning of your self-education. Each painful sensation is the impetus toward the knowledge of the new, which asks for some strength in the search for the truth. Each time you ask yourself: "Why is it me and why does some terrible fate force me to seek ways of deliverance?" Each new step in the search for the answer means another step toward healing. 

Knowledge of the anatomical and physiological structure of one's own body leads to the discovery of ways to deliverance through nontraditional healing. Who, besides you, must love yourself and your own body most of all? Your body demands knowledge to help it cope with disaster, and you are its only assistant. Knowledge, accumulated through millennia, is in your hands once you manifest curiosity. From where it comes doesn't matter; the result is most important. Your recovery or prevention of disease depends only on you. A willingness to preserve oneself and to follow one's heart can assist in the yet unwaged battle. 

Conversing with our subconscious, we find the reason for our physical state, and then, we continue the search for clues to eliminate the illness. If necessary, traditional methods using medicine and surgery can be of service. However, at the same time, one can also employ the old ways of healing, such as herbs, positive affirmations, breathing exercises, acupuncture, or the use of special invisible forces through those unique individuals--the healers. 

Various temptations await you here. To follow this path, you may receive clues from your own body, which subconsciously knows the successful road to recovery, sometimes in spite of the various opinions of your relatives. 

Trust your subconscious. It will prompt you to make the right choice, and your chosen guide--educator, doctor, counselor or your family friend who, for a time will become an intermediary between you and the Higher Forces of nature--will be your teacher. 

The spiritual growth of a human being is the biggest victory over the dark forces of nature. Internal spiritual purification is necessary not only for those in search of the righteous path, but also for those who have grasped the meaning of life at the moment of confession and fusion with this mystical Quasiworld which has attracted people throughout millennia. 

The road to the Truth is captivating because it passes through self-knowledge, which amounts to the highest rapture - to the self-healing of the spirit, and then the body, as its physical attribute. Those who find themselves in the service of mankind carry a heavy burden in both moral and material dimensions. The spiritual development and self-perfection doesn't stop for a second. It draws you into an eddy, from which there is no escape.

Faith in yourself is still your weapon - whether it's facing a disease or embracing the appearance of your talents! Throughout the process of realization, the need for spiritual transformation changes the soul and the healing of your body begins. I cannot even talk about healing of the body if the person will not embrace a feeling of tender love and respect towards himself as an individual. This is the key to the healing process. 

To achieve self-respect, I remind you to love yourself, your body and your soul. I recommend looking in the mirror and talking with your reflection as you would with a close friend. Speak about your worries and how you respect and love yourself despite physical or mental deficiencies. Tell yourself that your love grows proportionately to the number of wrinkles on the face, folds on the stomach, and number of ailments. You can promise to be loyal to yourself and to give complete support in the process of recovery. The "I" that knows all that has happened in previous incarnations and generations will receive invaluable information through such conversations and will retain it forever. Make this self-contact every morning or evening as often as possible, and you will start to rejuvenate. The destiny of each of us resembles a delicate cobweb, woven from billions of thoughts, deeds and epiphanies that happened to us, our relatives, our friends and everyone whose roads we intersected during our life on this planet. The fate of our ancestors leaves a red trail on our life, whether we realize it, and the fates of our children are shaped by our deeds. Both positive and negative information is unconsciously transmitted as we resume the race with karma. It is worthy to note that as soon as we recognize the phenomenon of general interdependence, the sparks of recovery immediately manifest themselves. 

Each of us is in charge not only of our own actions and the creation of our own karma, destiny or fate, but we are also responsible for their effect on every human being in the present as well as in the future. The results of deeds planted in the past develop in future generations. When we face the truth, we can change our fate.

To achieve a great change in your fate, here are two of my favorite affirmations to use every day until your soul becomes stronger:


And Totally in Control


And Very Attractive

Repeat them in the morning, at least three times, before leaving for work in the front of your favorite mirror, at your workplace, or at times when you need them. 

The events of the past, especially childhood, do not vanish without a trace. Parents are encouraged to cherish their children and treat them with great love and respect. In talking with people, we discover long-forgotten traumas of childhood covered with layers of time are still within. The unparalleled significance of those early traumas can be seen in oncology cases later. 

Look into the depth of your memory, for you may find answers to what caused diseases and problems appearing later in life. 

In such situations, I recommend sitting alone for an evening with one's memories, a pen and a blank sheet of paper in front of a candle, a big ashtray and matches. Write down on the paper all that haunts you, read it only once, and burn it with a pure heart. Picture in your imagination that, by burying the ashes of the reminiscences oppressing your soul, you are reborn, cleansed from all causes that led you to your current life situation. Try it, and you will feel an inner relief. Your visualized victory over yourself will soon be fruitful in the victory over your ailment. 

Fundamental power and the path toward healing are within us and only we create the pathways for healing. Those who support us are only guides to our health.

Remember, "If you don't ask, nothing happens." And it is true, "God helps those who allow Him to help them." 

Now go on with confidence. Best of luck in your search for the truth of your Destiny!!