You Are Creator of Your Own Destiny!

Guest blog by Rachel Madorsky
Author of Create Your Own Destiny! Spiritual Path to Success.

The more we know, the more we want to know. From millennium to millennia, we attempt unceasingly to find answers to one big question: for what purpose do we exist in the human form in which we reproduce ourselves on Earth? 

We have to accept the wisdom of our ancestors transmitted to each of us through birth. We especially have to respect the truth that has been passed down to us through generations. We have to find the courage to refuse to accept at face value everything told to us by orthodox medical practitioners. Don't misunderstand! Physicians trained in modern medicine can benefit our lives. We should consider their knowledge, but not as though it was the ultimate or complete truth. Modern pharmaceutical medicine evolved approximately 100 years ago when aspirin tablets were introduced. Aspirin in its natural form, willow bark, has been prescribed during millennia by people who call themselves healers, shamans, priests, and medicine-men, or other names synonymous to the Latin word "doctor" - teacher, or practitioner of healing arts. The organic and functional transformations called diseases, once initiated, may be stopped or reversed at almost any point. 

People of all races, nationalities, cultures and religions must recognize the value of accumulated experience. Every one of us has (his or her) own knowledge and understanding, which is priceless. 

Since ancient times humans have sought to unravel the mystery of their destiny on Earth. Much has been accomplished by individuals who have discovered personal spiritual missions in the material world. The underlying mystery of reality can be ignored but not avoided; it is independent of our will. Finding ways for its elucidation is alluring and part of my task. 

Different sources, which have survived the centuries, bear witness to the invisible and often impalpable reality behind appearances. Engravings found on the walls of Pyrenean caves reflect the work of healers, as do descriptions in ancient Egyptian scrolls. The methods of treatment that act upon the energetic formations of organisms, as legends testify, were discovered in the East about 3000 B.C. In the Dead Sea scrolls, which were found in mountain caves located above an unearthed Qumran settlement in Israel belonging to the Essene sect, researchers discovered many world-shaking facts. The Essenes routinely trained members of their community in the practice of curing diseases by the laying on hands. A number of people in the Essenian sect demonstrated astonishing healing miracles by touching the afflicted with their hands. The cave sketches of American Indians depicting a treatment process with hand healing, practiced since ancient times on the Eurasian continent, testify to the permanence and universality of such treatment. Since then we haven't changed; the only thing that has changed is our approach to caring for our bodies. 

The component material parts of the body and its functional physiology have been well investigated under the microscope and are sufficiently catalogued at this time. Modern medicine treats a human being as a mechanic does an automobile: let's fix it here and there, replacing one worn-out part for a new one. There is little comprehension of the human body as an entity. Medicine disregards the spiritual being of a person - the state of interconnection of the soul with the body. 

Through modern technology, the hidden has become apparent, noted in science, and is a recognized phenomenon in the arsenal of the struggle for human health. 

From my observation, viral and other infections are secondary events that often distort the understanding of the prime cause: the disruption of the interrelationships between our spiritual being and the laws of the Universe and its Creator.

An awareness of many karmic outcomes has been awakened, starting with atonement for the extinct types of plants and animals and a feeling of happiness for the ones saved in time, such as buffalos and whales, before they became extinct. The understanding that there are other types of energy, which we haven't as yet learned how to detect and measure, gives us a sense of awareness of our presence on the chessboard of the Universe. The joy of knowing that we are not the only beings in the Universe already exists in scientific circles. There are theories about the transformation of one type of energy-matter into another. Everyone understands the irrevocable consequences of nuclear experiments and those who have gone through them know the effects of the tragedies on the next generations in Hiroshima and Chernobyl. Nature and the Universe do not forgive a violent intervention into their laws. The earth is an organ of some cosmic entity, but we are doing it harm by taking advantage of a temporary lack of self-control and non-union with Higher Forces over us. As we do damage to our planet in the form of wars and various fossil extractions, we forget about the eternity of cosmic and karmic laws. 

The three true states present in the world keep it in balance: positive and negative, good and evil, health and disease. To choose which side you are on as you try to reach a specific goal completely depends on your life in the earlier ages. This choice affects both present and future lives as well as redemption for this decision.

Everyone must develop a basic knowledge and cultivate his or her abilities to pose honest questions and not be afraid of the answers. We must also prepare to seek second opinions or advice from alternative medical practitioners. This is an option which has been a taboo among the people of Western civilization for centuries, but it is increasingly being chosen now.

Knowledge is power! This power is inside each one of us! It's inside of you. You have the capability and responsibility to make wise decisions. Ignorance breeds fear. Give yourself a chance to get rid of your fear of the unknown. You are Creator of Your Own Destiny! Ancient healing arts and modern medicine are not necessarily enemies; they can compliment each other. Don't be afraid to understand, learn about yourself and help yourself!