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"Events Shaping Women's Lives and helping them gain authentic power on
a personal or professional level" 


Thought Leader and Global Speaker
Discussing: Your Need to Take a SELFIE of Your Career.

Or watch it on MNN November 3rd or 17th,2014 @ 11:00 p.m. CH 67/85/36
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October 13, 2014s

The Woman's Connectionsm is a television program about events shaping women's lives and helping one gain "authentic power"--that is, belief in ones self--on a personal or professional level.  Our goal is to help women understand two things: (1) they always have choices and (2) the power to change is within them.

The Woman's Connection® uses an informative and educational format to convince/show women of all ages and backgrounds that they have the power to change themselves and their situations.  We do this by exploring how different women have taken control of their lives and met incredible challenges in different areas of their lives (e.g. health, career, finance).  The women we profile share their commonality, differences, hopes, dreams, and most of ean the same thing to everyone. There is no one formula or method for achieving it.  As we continue our mission, we invite you to view our , and formation to share, helping us to  needs.