The Woman's Connection® is a television program and blog, founded and produced by Barrie Switzen, about events shaping women's lives and helping women gain authentic power--that is, belief in ones self--on a personal or professional level.  

Our goal is to help women understand two things: (1) they always have choices and (2) the power to change is within them.

The Woman's Connection® uses an informative and educational format to show women of all ages and backgrounds that they have the power to change themselves and their situations. 

Our programming does this by exploring how different women have taken control of their lives, meeting challenges in different areas.

The women we profile share their commonalities, differences, hopes, dreams, and most of all their uniquenesses. Each of the women has succeeded in their own definition of success. It does not necessarily mean becoming rich or famous nor does it mean the same thing to everyone. There is no one formula or method for achieving it. 

We invite you to watch our programs, read our blog, and submit information to share, helping us to grow and serve your needs.

Won't you join us on this journey?

Meet Barrie.

Barrie Switzen is the founder of The Woman's Connection®. Long interested in the ways that she can empower women, she leveraged her professional experience in real estate sales to become executive producer of this media venture, distributing educational resources through conversations on cable tv and articles on her website.  

"When I started, their wasn’t much positive content out there. I created this program focusing on women and how we could all connect to one another while empowering ourselves. The women have been wonderful and it has been a win win for everyone."

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