Very Important Information

  • HERS Foundation has launched a nationwide petition as part of our Say No 'Til You Know campaign. The petition calls for legislation compelling doctors to provide HERS' educational video "Female Anatomy: the Functions of the Female Organs" to every woman who is told she needs pelvic surgery, including hysterectomy, oophorectomy, or exploratory surgery of the uterus or ovaries. Watch the video below. Then join hundreds of thousands of women and men who are signing this petition. Support every woman's right to know. No information? No consent! Make your state the first to end unconsented hysterectomy.
  • Paget's disease of the breast is a rare form of breast cancer.  Read more about it on the Mayo Clinic web site.
  • Be carefully when you get an email asking you to remove a program.  It all sounds possible it's a virus.  To be on the safe side according to my computer man go to Google and do a search on i.e. jdbgmgr.exe it will explain everything
  • I have removed my birth date from,  Genealogy and  U.S. Search.  Both places are easy to remove or add information if you choice.
  • 809, 284 and 876 are area codes in the Caribbean.  Of which "809" is know to have a scam affricated with it...hence you could get a $24,000 telephone bill and not be aware of what is happening.  Make sure you know who you are returning a phone call to before you make that call!
  • Posting your resume on a job-search Web site can help identity thefts.  
  • Are you current in your legal papers?  One should have at least: a will, a plan for incapacity, a durable power of attorney for financial matters and one for health care and a living will.
  • Are You Due A Tax Refund?  The Internal Revenue Service wants to remind taxpayers about refund checks from past years that they are due. 91,823 federal tax refunds were returned to the IRS for the 1999 tax year, with the average per-check amount of $734. Remember to notify the IRS when you move or get married.  One can't believe the number of Taxpayers who provide an incorrect address on their returns. If you think the IRS owes you money, call the toll-free assistance line at 800-829-1040. Or if you have moved since filing your last tax return are urged to file Form 8822, "Change of Address," with the IRS. Forms can be obtained by calling 1-800-829-3676 or by downloading it from the IRS Web Site at
  • Personal Safety:
    1. Leave a note where you are going even if it is out with a friend or just shopping.
    2. When you are cooking or just boiling water leave a light on, even if it is during the day.  Acting as a safety reminder if you happen to get sidetracked and go out.  My aunt thought it would never happen to her until she returned home from shopping one day to find the fire department in her apartment.
  • Don't store your medicine in your bathroom. The heat and humidity wrecks havoc with medicine. 
  • Are you a PDA user that doesn't encrypt confidential information?

Bits on Women

  • Lucy Liu, from Queens, first Asian-American woman to host Saturday Night Live. 
  • Ellen Sparry Brush, pioneer anthropologist, first woman to become a member of the Explorers Club in NYC, student at Spence School
  • 1928 - the first living actress in the US had a theatre named after her. The Ethel Barrymore Theatre in New York.
  • Ruth Lovelace - first female coach of a boys basketball team - Boys and Girls High School in Brooklyn. 
  • Majestic Theatre, first theatre to employ female ushers (1903) 
  • Newsreel films shown at the Embassy Theatre, 1560 Broadway. This first all-newsreel theatre in the United States also holds the distinction of being the first and only movie theater in the U.S. to have had an all-female management and staff (1925).
  • 1930 Laura Ingalls, first woman to fly across the US on a nine-stop journey from Roosevelt Field in New York to Glendale, CA
  • 1977 - Eva Shain, first woman to officiate a heavyweight title boxing match while about 70 million people watched Muhammad Ali defeat Ernie Shavers at Madison Square Garden on NBC-TV
  • 1954 - Marian Anderson becomes the first black singer to be hired by New York's Metropolitan Opera Company
  • Annie Smith Peck, born in New York City in 1850, one of the world’s renowned mountain climbers. At 45, she climbed the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps. After the Matterhorn, she climbed 21,812 foot-high Huascaran, a mountain peak in Peru. The first American to reach this high a pinnacle in the Western Hemisphere. Then, at 61, Mt. Coropuna, also in Peru, a mere 562 feet shorter than Huascaran. At the top she placed a banner there that said, “Votes for Women.”
  • 1985 - Amy Eilberg ordained in New York as first female Conservative rabbi 
  • 1945 - Bess Myerson of New York crowned Miss America. She was the first Jewish contestant to win the title
  • 1972 - Leslie Revsin became chef at New York's Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. She was the first female chef to head a major hotel kitchen
  • 1976 - Barbara Walters joins Harry Reasoner at the anchor desk of the ABC Evening News for the first time. Walters made the switch with a million-dollar paycheck, becoming the first woman to anchor a network evening newscast
  • 1958 - Martin Luther King Jr. stabbed in the chest at a Harlem department store by an apparently deranged black woman, Izola Curry
  • 1934 - One of the very first winners of one of the very first amateur nights at the Apollo Theater is Ella Fitzgerald
  • The Lucy Stone League, a women’s rights organization founded in 1921, held its first meetings at the Hotel Pennsylvania
  • In 1968, the 11th Congressional District in Brooklyn elects Shirley Chisholm, 1st first African-American woman in Congress
  • Jeanne Kirkpatrick (Barnard student 1948), first woman to serve as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations
  • Judith Kaye (Barnard student 1958), first woman in highest position in state judiciary, Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals
  • Helen M. Ranney (Barnard student 1941), first woman to lead a university department of medicine in the U.S., to be president of the Association of American Physicians, to serve as a Distinguished Physician of the Veterans Administration
  • 1969 Shirley Temple Black became a U.S. Delegate to the United Nations.
  • The Sports Museum of America (lower Broadway) has the only Women Sports Hall of Fame in the world
  • Marilyn Monroe wore a full length evening sheath dress of flesh colored souffle gauze encrusted with graduated rhinestones embroidered in a rosette motif at the famous birthday tribute to President John F. Kennedy at Madison Square Garden where she sang "Happy Birthday Mr. President" on May 19, 1962. One of the most expensive dresses in history, with the final price at $1,150,000 at Christie’s East in NY, 1999
  • Emily Roebling completed the Brooklyn Bridge (1883)
  • Liz Claiborne, came to NY in the 40’s from Belgium, her company is the 1st in the fortune 500 to be founded by a woman
  • Joycelyn Elders, born in Brooklyn, 1st African American and 2nd woman (after Antonia Novello) to be United States Surgeon General
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg, born in Brooklyn, 2nd woman on Supreme Court (second to Sandra Day O’Connor) and 1st Jewish woman on the Supreme Court
  • Murray Hall, posed as a man for 25 years, married two women secretly, was a politician and a member of Tammany Hall in the thirteenth senatorial district
  • Angelina Jolie, third actress to join the $20 Million Club (after Julia Roberts and 'Cameron Diaz), for Mr. & Mrs. Smith, majored at film school at NYU, lived at the Hotel Ansonia and the Waldorf-Astoria

Creating YOUR Image for Success

When people hear your name, what do you want them to think about? That’s the image you want to project - that's your position - and you can create that image by the letters you write, the organizations and committees you join, and all the activities you pursue to enhance your career. Letters to the Editor are the most widely read section of the newspaper, and a great place to get public exposure of your ideas. It also is the easiest challenge in terms of actually sitting down and writing something. Look for articles in the local newspapers about controversial issues that affect your community, and your career or your business. Write a write a letter that sets the record straight. Make sure to check your facts! Do the same in national newspapers. Take a chance! You have nothing to lose! Do the same in local, regional, and trade magazines, and newsletters.
                                                                                   Submitted by Marion Gold

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