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Women In The Wine World

I always enjoy speaking with WOMEN VINTNERS.  Watch and listen  to these fabulous women:

SOPHIE SCHYLER THIERRY Chateau Kirwan www.chateau-kirwan.com

MARIE-HELENE LEVEQUE Chateau de Chantegrive www.chateau-chantegrive.com

SOPHIE LURTON Chateau Bouscaut www.chateau-bouscaut.com

EMILIE GERVOSON www.larrivethautbrion.fr

SEVERINE BONNIE Chateau Malartic Lagraviere www.vignobles-malartic.com

DANY ROLLA Chateau Le Bon Pasteur www.chateaulebonpasteur.com

MARGAUX REEDER Chateau Bastor-Lamontagne

ANNE CUVELIER Chateau Le Crock/Chateau leoville Pyferre www.chateaulecrock.fr

CELINE VILLAN FOUBET www.chasse-spleen.com

ELOIDE MARION of MARION-BOSSER http://champagnemarionbosser.fr/

ILEMIE VENTURINI www.vinventurini.com MADDALENA PASQUA DiBISCEGLIE www.musella.it

FRANCESCA POGGIO www,ilpoggiodigavi.com

SARA MOSCONE www.cantinamoscone.com

GINEVRA ESPOSITI www.roccapesta.com

VALERIA RADICI www.frecciarossa.com

ELENA TESSARI www.lacappuccina.it

KATHRIN DAVAZ www.poggioalsole.com

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