5 Tips On How To Achieve The Perfect Hollywood Smile

Guest post by Dr. Sheila Dobee

1. Keep your gums healthy pink without any puffiness and bleeding by flossing twice a day and brushing twice a day. The most important time to brush is at night so that the bacteria does not accumulate and destroy your gums and teeth while you are sleeping.

2. Consider straightening your teeth. With new technology teeth can now be straightened with invisible braces. No more big silver buttons with the silver wire on your teeth.

3. Using veneers you can get results in a very short period of time. These are thin tooth colored coatings that can cover teeth that are discolored or not straight

4. There are various methods of whitening your teeth from over the counter products that can whiten a few shades to professional whitening products that that can be done within an hour at your dentist. 
5. Ask your dentist about specific ways that you can improve your smile. Take clippings from magazines to show them the shape of teeth that you like. That way they can get an idea of what you want and propose more specific options suitable for you.