The Natural Way of Healing

Guest blog by  Rachel Madorsky
Author of Create Your Own Destiny! Spiritual Path to Success.

For ages, our ancestors carefully collected everything that was successfully used for healing a human body. To achieve the goal of healing the human body - either materialistically or spiritually - everything was considered good.

Our ancestors were masters in treating the human body with herbs, aroma oils, massages, music, songs, crystals, water, fire, charms, prayers, silence, noise, the laying of hands or not, singularly or with groups, and so on.

Modern medicine and the pharmacy industry are losing the fight with chronic diseases and bacteria resistant to antibiotics. Everyone has heard of spontaneous recoveries of terminally ill patients. Doctors often have no explanation and question whether the initial diagnosis was correct. These facts and others are pushing people to look for alternative treatments.
Mystery surrounds one of the ageless kinds of healing: spiritual. It has other different names like Psychic, BioEnergy, Polarity, Magnetism, Therapy Touch, Reiki, and Subtle Medicine. When a sick person desperately needs healing and asks the Higher Source, help seems to come immediately through gifted people in the form of an invisible force. Some people call this source God. Others are more comfortable calling it the Divine Spirit or the Universal Mind .
From my own experience, I know healing may occur under the Higher Source's power not only at home, but in different religious places and at locations with high energy levels. In those places, cultural or traditional rituals may be performed.

Connection with the Higher Force by the sick person or the healer, who acts as an instrument in hands of the Cosmic Power, happens when their prayers and requests are in unison with the goal of our Creator.  

All genuine spiritual healers acknowledge that the healing power is not their own, but that they are only acting as a channel for the Higher Forces of the Universe. In the beginning of the healing session, healers mentally connect their Ego to the Higher Source of Subtle Energy through prayers or visualization. 

Spiritual healers use various techniques to attune the body to the Subtle Energy, thus enabling the body to heal itself. Sometimes healers use personal touch. Sometimes healers visualize the sick person who might be located miles away, sending waves of energy in form of the unconditional love and kindness. Holding a photograph or a letter from the patient is very helpful in Absent Healing. The Absent Healing has its disadvantages because it is difficult to uncover the cause of the problem and often sick persons do not care about the healing procedure. In my practice, I prefer to meet my patients in person. 

My patients have reported different sensations from icy cold, to hot, or from a slight warmth, to tingling, wind, pressure, or vibrations or movement from within the body. Because of these sensations, it is easier for people to accept the power of healing and its result. The best results are achieved if the patient is receptive and accepting of the healing power. 

From the first moment a sick person acknowledges the existence of his illness, he is better armed to win the battle with the disease. Healer and doctor will be his beacons who will guide him toward to recovery. They will provide advice about diet, breathing and physical exercises, imagery and meditation or to decide to change habits. Sometimes doctors who follow our common patients call me.

Recently I participated in an international conference. During that event, I found all medical experts from around the globe are looking for ways to combine the modern methodology of treating people with the ancient experience of grandparents. The name of that new approach is Integrated Medicine!

The fundamental power and path to the healing are within and must begin there first. Those who support us are only guides to our health.

If you do not ask, nothing will happen. Remember God helps those who allow Him to help them.