Be Safe. Have fun, live life but keep Your Eyes Wide Open!

Guest blog by Kristie Kilgore
Author of  Eyes Wide Open: Bodyguard Strategies for Self-Protection

This situation with the sniper calls us to realize how fragile life is and how precious. This is a call to each an every american to take their personal freedom seriously AND their personal protection. It is up to YOU to stay safe. Like children, we put our lives in the hands of others everyday. Truthfully, only you can keep you safe.

First decide that your life matters and that you will take steps to be safe. The best thing you can do to prepare for random violence is to decide that your life matters and you will protect it.

Second - The next best thing you can do for yourself is to be aware of your normal surroundings in everyday life. Noticing something that is out of place or someone who is out of place is an important step.

Third - your eye-sight is a great gift. Walking with an unfocused gaze allows your eyes to perceive motion in your peripheral vision.

Fourth - although this is a serious terrifying horrific situation, MOST violence is predictable. True random violence is rare. Learn important warning signs - today!

Fifth - Make a habit of noticing entrances and exits to buildings when you enter them and make a game (a fun game that is a part of your daily life) of using your recall to observe your surroundings. Take snapshots with your vision and try to recall 10 or 15 minutes later what was in your field of vision. This skill translates in an emergency to noticing danger before IT notices YOU.