Moving Toward Your Fulfillment With Gestalt Therapy

Guest blog by Hana Dolgin

We all have dreams, aspirations and hopes for a better life. Some of us desire improved health and a more attractive physical appearance. Some, a more satisfying career and increased financial freedom. Yet others aspire to more harmonious personal relationships with loved ones.

What is the source of these wishes? Human beings have an innate drive to grow and evolve. We are naturally drawn towards our fulfillment. 

What is the source of our limitations? We are each born into this life as a unique person of tremendous potential. Our environment, including our family and culture, encourages us to express certain aspects of our natures and to repress others. Early in life, we learn to behave in ways which will gain us the approval and support of others, which are vital to our survival and development. 

By the time we reach adulthood, most of us have lost touch with the "parts" of ourselves that were not welcomed and reinforced by our environment. These "lost parts" are still within us, calling for our attention and acceptance. Sometimes, their call can take the form of problems and frustrations in various areas of our lives, as well as the appearance of physical ailments and illnesses.

In order to regain our wholeness, we need to reconnect with our true natures and develop more of our rich potential. This connection returns us to a sense of centeredness and gives us the resources we need to deal more effectively with our life circumstances. 

Gestalt Therapy is a holistic approach to personal healing and growth, which addresses all of our desires and needs -- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Using this approach, we can access our deep inner knowledge and the wisdom of our bodies, gradually releasing the limiting self-concepts and beliefs we acquired along the way. As we allow our true natures to come to light, our lives become unique creations that express our gifts and talents, and enrich others, as well. Let us live as the rich and talented people we were born to be, orienting ourselves towards our growth and fulfillment!