Open House Success

Guest blog by Barbara Kavovit
Author of Invest in Your Nest: Add Style, Comfort, and Value to Your Home

An open house creates excitement and lets a lot of people view the property at once. Even if your neighbors who have no intention of buying come by (and this will happen), they may have friends and friends of friends who are interested in buying a house -- and if they like what they see, they will spread the word. Make sure your open house is a success by:

  • Placing your house brochure in conspicuous locations around the house
  • Replacing light bulbs with bulbs of the highest wattage the fixtures will allow and turning on all the lights -- bright houses are more appealing than dark ones
  • Keeping draperies and window coverings open
  • Placing a bowl of fresh fruit such as apples or lemons and limes on the kitchen island or table
  • Making sure the bathroom towels are clean (or new), beautifully folded, and stacked or hung
  • Setting your dining room or kitchen table for a meal with your prettiest china and best linen napkins
  • Storing accumulated mail out of sight and tossing old newspapers and magazines
  • Cleaning out the fireplace and stacking new logs; if it's cold outside, build a fire
  • Turning off the TV and softly playing jazz or classical music
  • Grinding up a fresh lemon or orange in the garbage disposal or simmering some cinnamon and cloves in a pot of water on the stove
  • Locking up or securely storing small valuables
  • Keeping pets securely penned or contained so they don't frighten buyers or escape during a viewing