Annual Wine Media Guild Dinner

June 9, 2014 I was invited (and you didn't have to ask me twice) to the Annual Wine Media Guild Dinner at Cafe Evergreen Chinese restaurant.  Being the annual dinner, for those who write about wine, you just can not imagine the wines I tasted. We were greeted with a glass of Mionetto Prosecco to start the evening off with.  Since it was a BYOB, the members brought out the best from their cellars and let me tell you it was just awesome (2009 Ferrante Grand River Valley Cabernet Franc Ice Wine, 1993 Rivendell, Tear of the Clouds Late Harvest Vignoles, 2000 Quinta do Vale Meao; just to name a few).  I was able to take a couple of bottles home that were not guzzled down.  One Port I went to buy and I said upon learning of the price "That's very nice".  Saving the bottle has given me terrific memories.  Thank you Shirley Alpert for inviting me.