Housing for Seniors

October 2013, This is so amazing:  Housing within Reach of Most New Yorkers By Linda Hoffman
 It’s no secret that housing costs in New York City are among the highest in the nation.
 That is why we at New York Foundation for Senior Citizens, the only non-profit, non-sectarian organization serving seniors throughout New York City’s five boroughs, developed the intergenerational Home Sharing Program, which eases financial burdens and provides companionship for both young and old.
 The only one of its kind in the city, our free matching service pairs “hosts” who have extra private bedrooms in their homes or apartments to share with responsible, compatible “guests” seeking suitable affordable housing.
 The service matches adults 18 and over; either the “host” or the “guest” must be 60 years of age or older. The Home Sharing Program also provides housing for individuals with developmental disabilities capable of independent living. “Hosts” offering their homes to these high-functioning individuals must be age 55 or over.
 Learn How It Works along with Additional Housing and Services call: 212-962-7559, or visit: www.nyfsc.org