Women on Wall Street

October 15, 2013: was invited once again to the annual event that Deutsche Bank holds honoring women: "Women on Wall Street".  this years 19th Annual conference was on Game Changers.  The conference started with Olympia Snowe, Former US Senator and I was thrilled to listen to her answer questions for forthright.   Wonder if it is because she is now out of office and promoting her new book? 

The panel included:
Vicki Fuller, Chief Investment Officer New York State Common Retirement Fund, Sallie krawcheck, Owner, 85 Broads, Mary Schapiro, Managing Director and Chairman of the Governance and market Practice, Promontory Financial and Clara Shih, CEO and Founder, Hearsay Social. 

Vicki being a woman of color talked about her being the only one woman and having a double impact on what she has done in her life.  Sallie Krawcheck spoke about when she was at Citi and they invested in bad investments.  While she talked about doing the right thing and returning money on the bad decisions the bank made she also landed on the front page of The Wall Street Journal as she was fired.  With all this she turned the bad into quite a few positive steps in her career. 

The we had Mary Schapiro who is basically a D.C. government native and shared her experiences on that side of the fence. 

Clara Shih created her own business and was startled to find out it was a hit as she kept on going.  She decided to write a text book which is now used at Harvard.  Now she is one of the youngest women to sit on a board directors (Starbucks).

One of the take-always is that: Networking is the most important tool to grown your business.  It is OK to stumble....it's how you pick yourself up and carry on that matters.