Design of Nine: A No Nonsense Plan for Creating and Maintaining Beautiful Skin At Any Age

Guest blog by Julia Tanum Hunter, M.D.
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1. Prevention at any age. Its never too late - just get started! 
As long as your heart is beating, no matter where you’re starting, it’s never too late. You CAN be successful - quickly, permanently and happily. You can sometimes be “bad” but because you know how to and why to be “good” and understand it’s not about deprivation, you won’t get frustrated. Beginning to experience the skin, health, youthfulness, body, brainpower, energy and vitality you desire will motivate you to stay on the road to success. AND, what’s the alternative? Aging more quickly, not feeling “good”-gastrointestinal issues, aches, pains, injuries, illnesses, operations, medications, unhappiness, diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, prostate and erection issues, debilitation-physical and financial, stroke, nursing homes. Or maybe you’ll be luckier, but based on experience, prevention = greater happiness, fun and well-being and quality longevity. 

2. Avoid foods, products, ingredients and chemicals that inflame the skin and internal organs. 
-- the primary cause of disease and aging that begins afflicting us from birth! Skin, the largest organ of the body, is one of the main organs used by the body to detoxify so many of the skin issues we experience are a result of the body attempting to clear, clean and heal itself (skin is a window to what is occurring internally). As skin becomes inflamed from what we consume, absorb and are exposed to (such as pollution and sunlight) - the results are aging and disease. Research on skin cancer and aging, acne, enlarged pores, ingrown beard hairs, hyperpigmentation, photodamage, rosacea, thinning hair, heart and blood vessel disease, erectile dysfunction and organ diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancers, arthritis and osteoporosis demonstrate that free radicals, fungal overgrowth and compromised hormone and immune systems, are the core causes resulting in inflammation, chronic and severe. Free radicals cause acidic blood and tissue pH, creating a hostile body environment of inflammation especially for collagen production (and every thing in your body is constructed of collagen). Stress causes inflammation via activating the release of stress hormones, which protect then damage, when depleted, then we progress to more disease.

3. Essential building blocks. 
The skin and body is a 24/7 construction site so we need to supply the building blocks AND ones the body needs, wants, is missing, can recognize, absorb and utilize. In today’s toxic and stress filled world and with foods as they are-even organic and right out of the garden due to soil depleted of nutrition from farming year round, it is imperative to supplement the internal organs and skin with specific foods, water and supplements-an array that keep your tissues alkaline and supplied with enough raw materials to do their job the best, the most youthfully and energetically. Your genetics and sex often require a unique prescription of what your body needs and doesn’t. You cannot take enough antioxidants in today’s world to fight the number and amount of free radicals that are being generated and inflaming your organs and tissues. Your unique Action Plan delineates everything you need for maximizing health, beauty and slowing down the ticking of the clock

4. Most everything in MODERATION regarding food. 
You are what you eat - organic, hormone and antibiotic free, grass fed, wild, the less sugar, carbs, flour (even whole wheat), grain, corn, cow's milk, the better to minimize toxicity. 

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• Drink 1.0-2 liters of water a day, ideally with no chlorine, fluoride or bromide, and filtered at least for organisms are recommended. Your skin and body require much water for them to function correctly. All cells need water and water helps treat and prevent constipation. Make your water therapeutic by placing one or more green tea bags in it daily.

• The closer to nature, ideally the greener and darker the fruits and vegetables the better and seasonal in your location are best. 

• Grains - white and whole wheat flour, bread, pasta, corn, white rice, oatmeal and sugars are not anyone's friend. Less is best!

• Cereals, grains, sugars and pastas should be low glycemic when eaten meaning complex grains, infrequently multi-grain and consider raw almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, raw dates, DARK chocolate (in moderation) or unsweetened raw chocolate products, xylitol sweetened products, wild rice as better choices. Many people have gluten allergies, which cause acne, constipation and inflammatory diseases. Save your sweets for something worth aging and getting pimples for and having to exercise off or diet for and protect with antioxidants and probiotics. We all love sweets and bread, but they contribute to aging, disease and fungal overgrowth so in moderation.

• Red meat - Ideally women and men - don't consume more then once a week. Lamb is healthier then beef, pork can be healthier then both. Replace with healthy wild, low toxin fish, turkey, black beans, buffalo and wild game, chicken (skinless) and goat. Eat more vegetables and beans - also full of protein.

• ETOH in moderation (tequila, scotch, dry red wine and vodka are better choices), no sweet mixers and try not drinking every day. Alcohol increases free radicals and the body turns it into fat so take glutathione and an array of antioxidants and drink water with it. It also negatively impacts sleep, so again, indulge in moderation. Helpful solutions to cut down are (when you want a glass of wine or cocktail) to drink hot or cold tea instead, which generally distracts your brain, so you lose the urge.

• Avoid cow’s milk, even for children, as much as possible, especially if you have acne or constipation. Many are allergic to it and the lactose is a sugar that promotes fungal overgrowth and fat. It acidifies the body and you get more calcium from vegetables. Goat milk is compatible with virtually everyone and there are tasty goat cheeses, yogurts and milks. Sheep milk is next best and still better than cow’s milk.

• The right oils that juice up and plump the skin (we all dry up as we get older) and they promote health and decrease inflammation. The most anti-inflammatory oil that everyone should take is fish oil - Omega-3’s. Healthy oils for your skin and body also include olive oil (great also to put on your skin in small amounts for irritation and hydration), raw coconut oil, hemp, flax with lignans, walnut, green tea, borage, black currant.

5. Supplements and Nutrients. 
Even organic, fresh and healthy food must be supported in today’s world with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, nutrients and targeted oils that continually replenish, strengthen, energize and detoxify the entire body, promote physical and psychological well-being and effectively combat the epidemic of acne, melasma, rosacea and skin cancers. The soil is depleted and over-farmed so supplementation is essential. Examples of these essential nutrients:

• Green powder/pills - green, green and more green, the more green the better! 
• B vitamins
• Detoxified iodine
• Multi-minerals
• Probiotics
• Digestive enzymes

6. Ingredients. 
Checking out ingredients in everything we put in and on our bodies helps to protect and enrich our diet. The hidden sugars, MSG, simple salt, the ingredients we consume in foods and their lack after shipping and cooking- of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, even if entitled organic, greatly contribute to our inflammation. The closer to nature foods you eat, the more alkaline, healthy and rejuvenated your skin and body will become and the aging clock slows as much as possible. You CAN look 10-20 years younger than your peers. We must address the skin and body internally and externally to achieve health and turn back the clock. 

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7. Have your Hormone Levels Checked. 
Aging, disease, depression, sleep disorders, “brain fog”, emotional lability, lack of energy and vitality, anxiety, mid-adominal weight and struggles, nail ridging and fungus, athletes foot, jock itch, tiny postular, itchy, skin rashes, brown spots, skin tags, thickened skin growths, yeast infections, dry furrowed heels, pain and unhappiness in men and women are significantly advanced by declining hormone levels which also advances skin, collagen, tissue and hair thinning and laxity, loss of integrity and strength, weakens the immune system, negatively impacts the risks of prostate disease, and all cancers, can cause emotional and psychological changes, low energy levels and brain functioning, organ and erectile dysfunction, weight gain and let’s not forget…the law of gravity everywhere in and on the body. Acneic skin demonstrates increased hormone sensitivity at the level of the skin and must be treated and balanced to cure the problem.Bio-identical hormones in cream form vs. those in a chemical form which are foreign to the human body, properly dosed, administered, monitored and individually tailored contribute to turning back the physiological clock in a healthy manner, promoting well-being, preventing diseases, strengthening the immune system, energy, sleep, skin and brain fitness. Like nutritionals and supplements, they must be balanced and titrated both for the skin and internally. Men have the same hormones as women in different amounts. Bio-identical hormones that must be addressed include bio-identical progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, thyroid, pregnenolone, growth hormone, melatonin and more...

8. Exercise – 
Workout safely and healthfully. Exercise is anti-aging. Sweating is detoxifying, increases blood flow, oxygenation and is anti-fungal, bringing in the nutrients to the cells and tissues and increasing lymphatic flow, which takes out the toxins. Exercise helps balance hormones and increases growth hormone output, which is anti-aging, enhances good sleep, lubricates your joints and spine if done correctly, produces energy and brainpower. By increased circulation and delivery of nutrients to skin cells, you are expelling potentially damaging toxins. If you are not exercising, then you are not detoxifying nor stemming aging. Exercise is walking the stairs instead of the elevator, carrying your own groceries, taking a walk on your street or up a hill, parking the car NOT closest to the door so you have to walk a bit, bicycling, cleaning the house, doing yard work, etc. Working out with some weights doesn’t mean you always have to go to the gym, everyday chores can maintain and promote muscle mass. Your skin is attached to your muscles so lifting and toning your muscles can help to tighten skin. Building muscle also increases your metabolic rate so you burn more calories all the time and lose weight more easily. Remember - muscle weighs more than fat so you can be losing inches and the scale reports your weight is the same. Yoga is great exercise and as with all exercise, be careful and work up slowly, stretch gradually and if your body is telling you it hurts then you need to work up more slowly and often you need professional advice at first for safety. 

9. Routinely maintain skin health! 
Just as you consistently repair and upkeep your house and car, maintenance is needed for your skin and body. Everything that results in skin health and beauty must be addressed – foods, water, exercise, vitamins and supplements, bio-identical hormones and internal organ health. Insure that your physiology is kept working at its best, disease-free and youngest to achieve the results you want and the health you need! To enhance, not harm your skin, use chemically correct, therapeutic concentration products without toxic ingredients. Add scientifically correct procedures to cure damage and slow the aging process. Skin, oral, hair and nail products must be free of harmful chemicals, artificial colors, dyes, and fragrances that cause inflammation…the primary cause of disease, aging and skin pathology. Skin Regimen Must Be Individually Formulated For Women - easily and quickly doable - specifically designed for you and your unique anatomy to maximize, repair, rejuvenate, prevent and re-invigorate. 

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