Join The Real Fight Against Obesity: Go BioChemical™! and beat the Yo-Yo Effect

Guest blog by Eleonora DeLennart
Author of The BioChemical Machine 2
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Many responsible people realized that we reached a point in history where health and weight problems can no longer be politicized when Professor Krugman's gave the New York Times his landmark statement "…it's in health care, not Social Security." And CNN (December 31, 2005) reported: "Annual cost of obesity is $117 billion." 

But isn't it true that people dieted like crazy in order to get healthy and slim over the past 50 years? Yet, it is dieting that is the root of all evil. Diets make people fat! People "lose" muscle mass and water-and health, but not the fat they want to lose. That's why diets have failed for the half century. And as soon as dieters stop dieting they gain everything back and usually more-which is the case in 99% of all dieters. The reason? The starvation shock, called the "Yo-Yo effect." But as if this weren't enough, the Yo-Yo effect also weakens the immune system. 

I was the first who had the courage to say it as it is-which didn't make me friends. And yes, despite heavy resistance campaigns, even sabotage (or, as it turned out, magazines have even been threatened with 'no ads' if they would write about my work) the first edition of The BioChemical Machine, copyrighted in 1995 became a national bestseller. Why? Because honesty sells. 

Nobody can prevent the future from happening. Not even the powerful diet industry. The BioChemical A&B Eating Method ® IS the future. It is the key to enhanced quality of life; the right to be energetic; the right to be pain free even in later years of life; and the solution to eliminate health and weight problems without diets that weaken one's immune system. (And yes, the BioChemical A&B Method® will also open a new market (definitely for the next 50 years); but instead of our health going "downwards"-as it has over the past half century-it will make an upward climb in regard to health, quality of life, and energy-all vital for humankind.)

The breakthrough discovery, the clinically proven BioChemical A&B Method ® will make all the difference for millions of people. The BioChemical Machine 2 presents this latest research. It is based on state-of-the-art clinical studies and the most modern approach to health and weight problems. It is based on the premise that creating compatibility between food chemistry and body chemistry is key to sustaining a healthy weight, overcoming illness, and bolstering general overall good health. 

Central to the research is the breakthrough discovery that two different types of digestion exist for protein-one for the good proteins (pure high grade protein) that the human body has evolved to handle over the course of millions of years and another for bad proteins (abnormal proteins), which have been consumed in larger and larger quantities only since the invention of home refrigeration. 

Carbohydrates (regardless whether healthy, less healthy, or not healthy at all) have only ONE type of digestion. That's why the term "good" or "bad" carbohydrates has been taken out of context from my European edition of The BioChemical Machine (Random House).

In regard to eating carbohydrates, there is no classification for "good" or "bad" carbohydrates. It is a well known fact that some carbohydrates are healthier; others less healthy-but that's it. Carbohydrates can never cause serious or hazardous health problems. However when bad proteins are eaten chemically incorrect they create toxins in the body that leads to conditions such as acid reflux, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, thyroid problems, kidney and liver diseases, and myriad of other illnesses that may cause distress and chronic pain. Once people know how to handle the vast difference between good and bad proteins EVERY carbohydrate will become easy to digest and valuable for the body- and as a result, will not cause any weight problems.

The BioChemical A&B formula for life is very straight forward: Eat any carbohydrate with good proteins, but never with bad proteins. This simple but significant formula will make the difference for millions of people and will end the health and weight-related problems in this country."

The BioChemical A&B Eating Method® is the clinically proven perfect match of food chemistry and body chemistry. It is the result of many years of research with internationally renowned biochemists and food chemists. The BioChemical A&B Charts®, arranged into three unique categories-"A", "Neutral" (can be eaten 24/7), and "B" divide foods according to the type of digestive process necessary for breaking down good proteins, bad proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. 

The BioChemical A&B Method® is the "guide" to help people's "old" body chemistry (developed over the course of millions of years) to handle the labyrinth of today's delicious and seductive "modern" foods. People can eat everything and anything, including bad proteins, which is the cause of many health problems. Yet, the BioChemical A&B Method ® also teaches people how to eat unhealthy foods so they don't harm the BioChemical Machine. People can happily drink their beer and enjoy every food that is out there. It's just a matter of learning how to handle the two different types of digestion that exist for protein.

Although it would have been easy for me to write "just" another simple diet book with the usual rules and regulations of calorie counting, glycemic indexes and all the other counting programs that, seemingly, people love to do: But, it's not about food-it's about our cells. If we understand this, we know don't need eating plans, diets, non-diets, anti-diets, food-combiners, glycemic indexes, low-carb, low-fat, high-protein or whatever the never-ending ideas of money-hungry people will produce.
Dieting is the root of all evil, because dieting opens one of the most vicious cycles in somebody's life: the Yo-Yo effect… the starvation shock.

The following example can make this concept more understandable by visualization as it shows the importance of ending an ineffective half-century of the "diet guru" era: If you were to drop off an overweight and/or obese person in the desert for a couple of weeks without food (or to be fair, only with small portions of food, or other "chosen" foods), the result will always be the same-a thin and emaciated-starving person! This person will, assuredly, regain everything back faster once returning to his or her normal eating habits. In actuality, dieting is voluntary starving because the body-The BioChemical Machine-will do everything in its power to prevent you from another starvation-shock. We call this natural biological reaction: The "Yo-Yo Effect."

Everybody can lose weight and become a big loser-but loser is another key word; as the bottom line is that one "loses" more than just weight. This weight loss is always a temporary condition! In addition this "loss" may weaken the immune system and the person may "lose" something more vital-their ability to fight disease. Therefore the word "loser" becomes a negative condition in most cases. In effect, unwholesome weight loss can cause a person to "lose" the ability to secure good health. No human being should stress to control their cravings to eat normally…no one should be deprived. 

Therefore, I started a crusade for the people and remained true to myself. I knew I'd meet opposition, and have, but I also knew that I had to follow my convictions and the truth-not just the useless initiative diets that produce quick results; compromise immune systems; eventual weight gain and produce boredom by following a regimen of limited foods. 

But-alas, to move a whole nation-good-will is not enough. It needs a realistic solution; a solution that is welcomed by all ages. People want real solutions that fit the reality of today's supermarkets and fast food restaurants-solutions for the entire family and something that will be fun for everybody. For the adults: who like to drink beer without the "guilt-trip" that this consumption is unhealthy or fattening. For the children: who want their chocolate and Big Macs. For the men and women: who know, all too well, the stress of struggling to lose weight. And…for the elderly and/or ill people who still need to enjoy life to the fullest.

In conclusion: Based in solid science, the Biochemical A&B Eating Method® is poised to become the health and nutrition story of the century; empowering millions to take control over their own well-being; eliminating the "Yo Yo Effect"; teaching the youth of our nation some clear-cut rules and eradicating the current plague of obesity in our youngsters. Sadly, recent studies show that today's youth and their obesity rate will deduct up to twenty years off the average life span and put our nation's health and longevity in reverse. This method can also encourage schools to implement the proper scientific eating method into their cafeteria meals and also be part of the school's health curriculum on a national level. It will not only make history, but it may change it.

The BioChemical A&B Method® is affordable for everybody. Every food industry can profit from it. Even the pharmaceutical industry is not excluded, because the A&B method enhances the effectiveness of necessary medicines.

One of the best testimonials comes from Professor Claus Leitzmann, one of a growing number of respected authorities who endorsed my research. Professor Leitzman is an internationally renowned micro-biologist, U.C.L.A molecular biologist, biochemist and author of 500 studies, articles and books in the field of Nutritional Science-he is also a recipient of the Zabel Price for Cancer Prevention and the Broerman Prize for Preventative Nutrition and this is what he has to say: "In these times with health care in a state of crisis and people searching desperately for solutions that really work and can be implemented in everybody's life…people need to know about eating the Biochemical A&B way…It's a breakthrough that could lead to a whole new quality of life and save millions of dollars for both people and governments."