An Ecumenical Prayer in Times of Terrorist Attack

Guest blog by Rev. Holly Harwood Goodwin

In this hour of grief and loss, may we have the courage to go on. 
May we have the wisdom to react to violence with unyielding compassion, 
courage, and justice for all. 
To be fair to all people regardless of skin color, religion, gender, orientation, 
nationality or ethnic origin. 
To respect the beliefs of others, even when they conflict with our own. 
Bless the souls of the newly departed. 
Bless the wounded, and aid their recovery. 
Bless the families and friends of the victims. 
Bless the rescuers, the donors, and all that help in times of crisis.
Bless our military and government officials with the wisdom and resolve
to do that which is right for the world, regardless of the consequences
to their own careers. 
Cleanse our souls of fear and hatred, that we may choose life. 
Open our hearts to the suffering of all. 
May divine wisdom, comfort, healing, and peace be poured out upon
the nations of the earth. 
Let us love one another, remembering that we are all part of the family of humanity.