Got The Secret? Now Get The Tools

Guest blog by Caroline Reynolds
Author of Spiritual Fitness: How To Live in Truth and Trust

This year's phenomenal success of the book, "The Secret", opened many people up to a new reality. It assured us we live in an intelligent universe as responsive to our desires as an eager sales person. It offered us a magic formula for creating the life we want - the perfect relationship, career, prosperity and all that our heart desires. But how do we put this formula into practice?

No matter how hard we try, we have to acknowledge that things can only come to us when we're ready. Beyond the much-vaunted Law of Attraction there are some other 'laws' or processes we must follow in our process of manifestation. Here are some of the tools you can apply to create the life you want by using the heightened consciousness of "Spiritual Fitness".

1. Nurture Your Dream

Before you can fulfill a dream you first have to nurture it. In my book, "Spiritual Fitness - How To Live In Truth and Trust", I describe this process as finding out what you want, then holding that truth deep inside your heart. Allow it to grow and guide you from within, making sure you focus on what you can do each day to move towards it. It does not mean focusing endlessly on the future until you feel such a gap between where you are and where you want to be that you never get started! The secret is to stay focused on the 'now', since the future never comes because it is in fact just a series of incremental 'nows'. If you can align your present reality with your heart's desires, you will create a 'future' that is a reflection and manifestation of your dream.

So what dream could you be nurturing right now? Do you want a relationship, job, good income or just a simple quality of being such as peace or contentment? If you'd like a relationship, for example, you can nurture your dream by taking immediate concrete steps such as making space in your life and your home. It's amazing how many single people have very little physical space in their home or time in their lives for a partner. Break your dream down into manageable, bite-size chunks and start to nurture it on a daily basis.
2. Become Your Dream Self

The next step is to become the person you need to be to achieve your dream. As statistics show, around 90% of lottery winners blow their winnings within five years. This is because their manifestation was too quick, too unprepared for, and they didn't have time to think of themselves as rich or deal with any negative beliefs they had about wealth. If we don't prepare ourselves for success it can very easily make us uncomfortable and we will sabotage it to return to our small familiar selves.

I can recall the ten years I spent in my native Britain longing to live in the US and watching as all my opportunities to do so seemed to evaporate. While I waited, I was nevertheless gaining more experience and confidence in my work. It was only when I finally got to America that I understood the necessity of all my years of waiting. They had slowly enabled me to align with the bigger self I needed to become to succeed in my new home.

How can you constructively spend your time waiting for your dream? What beliefs do you have that might prevent you from being able to hold and enjoy the experience? For example, if you'd like a relationship do you have a belief that love hurts or that you don't deserve to be loved? Start to dissolve your negative beliefs by tracing them back to their source; to the first time you ever took them on. Take a 'soul level' look at that time and ask yourself what were the lessons and gifts in that situation? Which of your strengths was it meant to develop and how would you deal with it differently now? Then practice forgiveness by seeing through and beyond that situation to its highest truth and letting the 'earth level' experience go.

Next, do you have a peer group or mentor who holds a vision of your highest potential? No-one can rise to low expectations! During those years of my 'preparation' in Britain, I was blessed with friends who believed in and encouraged me (despite my frequent nosedives into health issues) and a teacher in the US who both praised and goaded me into being more courageous and aligned with my highest truth. During one particular health scare, I wrote what I called my "contract with God" and listed the many ways I pledged to own my truth and step into my greatness if the scare proved to be unfounded. It did and I kept my promise. Within two years I finally got my visa and as soon as I arrived in the US, my health also radically improved.

3. Develop Gratitude

The third essential tool for manifestation is gratitude. While you're waiting for your desired outcome, focus on the gifts you currently have. If you don't have riches, do you have health? If you don't have a relationship, do you have family? If you don't have peace or fulfillment, do you have hope? This not only helps you feel less incomplete but also prepares you to deal with holding on to your dreams when they materialize. Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by our blessings. We reach an incredulous stage where our surprise at our good fortune is about to turn into panic because we don't know how to handle it. Since our beliefs create our reality, saying "I can't believe how lucky I am", is a sure fire way to stop your luck from flowing! At these moments I've learned to just keep saying "thank you". This way I affirm the reality of all the goodness and good fortune around me and strengthen and perpetuate it.

What can you give thanks for today? Look for the little blessings as well as the big ones - a stranger's smile, a touch from a friend, an uplifting phone call or an inspiring book or movie. In practicing the art of gratitude, you will develop a much greater capacity to appreciate your dreams when they come true. 

By living in truth and trust, you gain clarity on the things you want and how to create them. By practicing "Spiritual Fitness", you can "Get the Secret!"